Thursday, February 15, 2007

Introduction-edited on 8/29/07

Hi, my name is Lori-Ann. I am what I consider to be an unusual person. Here are 10 factoids about me.

I am:

1. 39 years old, married 18 years &
the mother of 3 teenage children, and one preteen

2. a "stay at home mom" I hate that phrase, but for simplicty's sake, I will use it here

3. a homeschooling mom

4. an atheist

5. an adult with ADHD

6. a "middle child"

7. a "soccer mom", but my kids don't play soccer

8. a nanny

9. a "non-practicing" bisexual

10. a hopeless romantic


maidink said...

Hey, Lily!

Welcome to the Blogosphere said...

Nice job Lily, enjoying ur writing, see u soon!