Monday, August 20, 2007

Some Random Thoughts

I try to teach my children to be proactive, thing long term, and to delay gratification. The fact that I have not learned to successfully implement these ideals has not escaped me. I'm trying to teach my children all the things my parents never taught me. My parents did not talk to me like a person. They talked to me like I was a silly, annoying child.

It's important to worry. But it's fruitless to worry about the little things. There are real things to worry about in this world, global warming, people's declining ability to think for themselves, and children starving in the world while Americans stuff Big Macs into their mouths.

I realize that I am judgemental. Anyone who tells you they are not judgmental is lying. We all judge, whether we use Judeo-Christian morals, or humanist ethics, we still judge. As I get older, I feel I am getting more open minded. I try to understand people, by questioning what they think or believe and why. If they become offended by this, perhaps it's because they have no good answers. Or, maybe our society is just screwed up, because we can talk behind other's backs, say "yes", when we mean "no", "no" when we mean "yes", & tell little white lies, but we can't speak our minds without getting people upset.

By the way, people that do speak their minds, do get their feelings hurt too. They're no tougher than anyone else. They just have this profound need for honestly and openness. If someone is honest and open with you, take it as a compliment. It means she trusts you enough to expose her inner ego, and that your response will be kind even when you think she's a bit off.

Don't assume...ask, at least then you can make an accurate determination if someone is being an asshole or not. Sarcasm is all in good fun, till someone gets hurt.

Love, love everyone. We are all connected in some way. When we hurt others, we hurt ourselves, rather than releasing our own inner hurts.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My Personal Statement

I am weird. I will not even try to deny it. Crazy, yes, I am crazy too. I've already been to the therapist, and I'm already on medication, so if you don't like the finished result, there's nothing I can do about it.

I am a momma bear. I can tolerate a lot of bullshit, but not when it comes to my kids. If you mess with my kids, watch out!
My kids are homeschooled. This does not mean that I think instiutionalized schooling is bad or evil. It means I believe that all the world's educational opportunities do not come in a box. I don't think my kids are geniuses, but I do think they are special.
And by the way, I am not a Fundamentalist Christian, in case you haven't figured that out already.

I am bisexual. This means I am attracted to men and women at a 50/50 ratio, not that I want to boink 100% of the population.

My husband waits on me hand and foot. He's also one of those rare guys that loves taking care of his woman, and with respect. He had some really good raw potential when I met him, and after 20 years, I've molded myself something quite useful. He's mine; you can't have him, so get over it!

I love cats. When I was a kid I wanted a cat so badly. My mom didn't. She said when I grew up, I could have 10 cats if I wanted. I settled for 5.

It is my goal to contribute 4 more free-thinkers into this world. I see more and more parents doing the same. I was hoping I'd see some balance between free-thinkers, and followers within my lifetime, but that Duggar woman just won't stop.

I do daycare in my home. I fell into this occupation by accident when my friend finally started catching up with me, and spat out some babies. Don't ever let anyone tell you that working moms aren't raising their kids. My friend works her ass off, and then does a whole 'nother shift at home. She has also made the oh so wise child raising decision of allowing me to help her.

Kids are wasting their time reading vocabulary workbooks. They should all just listen to Metallica, instead. The literacy rates in America would skyrocket.

As my kids get older, nothing is staying cleaner. The handprints on the wall are just getting higher, and the dirty shoe marks on the carpet are getting longer.
18 year old children are way harder to parent than 2 year olds. They've got the same mindset, but adult legal rights.

I am an atheist. It's not that I have anything against gods, but I don't have the time to worship them. With so many potential gods in the world throughout history, it wouldn't be fair to worship just one, and snub the others.

Dark chocolate is what I call foreplay.

Debating is fun. It's a great way to vent frustration, and force yourself to learn.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

AJ's Trip to the Hospital

I've really been slacking off here. Ever since I found Cafemom, that's all I do. Mainly I debate with people. Anyway, about 4 weeks ago, my baby, AJ had an appendicitis. Of course he needed an emergency appendectomy.

Being that I was in denial when the doctor told me to take AJ to the emergency room, I drove to the closest one, Central M. Medical Center, not thinking that my son would need to stay in the hospital, and that they had no children's ward.

So the doctor came in, and let me know he thought he was capable of cutting open an almost 12 year old boy, pulling out a piece, and sewing him back up. I watched them wheel away my little boy. Dr. Mohamed, the anesthesiologist, assured me, she would take care of him. The surgery didn't take long at all. The recovery-now that's another story.

I stayed with AJ in his hosptial room for 4 nights, and only took a few quick trips home. I was afraid to leave him alone, because apparently, CM Hospital thinks it's perfectly OK to let a strange man go into your child's room, your child who is laying there almost naked, immobile, and shot full of morphine. This is supposed to be OK, because this man is volunteer clergy, even though I clearly stated that I am not religious.

It's a very strange experience, suddenly having to take your 11 year old son to the bathroom, spoon feed him, and wash him. It was like having a new baby again, only this one was really cranky, and yelled at me.

AJ's healed up nicely now. He only has a tiny scar. He's back to his old self, granstanding on stage at the School of Rock, belting out Nirvana, and rocking his drums.