Wednesday, August 15, 2007

AJ's Trip to the Hospital

I've really been slacking off here. Ever since I found Cafemom, that's all I do. Mainly I debate with people. Anyway, about 4 weeks ago, my baby, AJ had an appendicitis. Of course he needed an emergency appendectomy.

Being that I was in denial when the doctor told me to take AJ to the emergency room, I drove to the closest one, Central M. Medical Center, not thinking that my son would need to stay in the hospital, and that they had no children's ward.

So the doctor came in, and let me know he thought he was capable of cutting open an almost 12 year old boy, pulling out a piece, and sewing him back up. I watched them wheel away my little boy. Dr. Mohamed, the anesthesiologist, assured me, she would take care of him. The surgery didn't take long at all. The recovery-now that's another story.

I stayed with AJ in his hosptial room for 4 nights, and only took a few quick trips home. I was afraid to leave him alone, because apparently, CM Hospital thinks it's perfectly OK to let a strange man go into your child's room, your child who is laying there almost naked, immobile, and shot full of morphine. This is supposed to be OK, because this man is volunteer clergy, even though I clearly stated that I am not religious.

It's a very strange experience, suddenly having to take your 11 year old son to the bathroom, spoon feed him, and wash him. It was like having a new baby again, only this one was really cranky, and yelled at me.

AJ's healed up nicely now. He only has a tiny scar. He's back to his old self, granstanding on stage at the School of Rock, belting out Nirvana, and rocking his drums.