Monday, August 20, 2007

Some Random Thoughts

I try to teach my children to be proactive, thing long term, and to delay gratification. The fact that I have not learned to successfully implement these ideals has not escaped me. I'm trying to teach my children all the things my parents never taught me. My parents did not talk to me like a person. They talked to me like I was a silly, annoying child.

It's important to worry. But it's fruitless to worry about the little things. There are real things to worry about in this world, global warming, people's declining ability to think for themselves, and children starving in the world while Americans stuff Big Macs into their mouths.

I realize that I am judgemental. Anyone who tells you they are not judgmental is lying. We all judge, whether we use Judeo-Christian morals, or humanist ethics, we still judge. As I get older, I feel I am getting more open minded. I try to understand people, by questioning what they think or believe and why. If they become offended by this, perhaps it's because they have no good answers. Or, maybe our society is just screwed up, because we can talk behind other's backs, say "yes", when we mean "no", "no" when we mean "yes", & tell little white lies, but we can't speak our minds without getting people upset.

By the way, people that do speak their minds, do get their feelings hurt too. They're no tougher than anyone else. They just have this profound need for honestly and openness. If someone is honest and open with you, take it as a compliment. It means she trusts you enough to expose her inner ego, and that your response will be kind even when you think she's a bit off.

Don't assume...ask, at least then you can make an accurate determination if someone is being an asshole or not. Sarcasm is all in good fun, till someone gets hurt.

Love, love everyone. We are all connected in some way. When we hurt others, we hurt ourselves, rather than releasing our own inner hurts.