Thursday, March 15, 2007

Burying Friendship

I've known Mo since freshman year of high school. We've had an on again, off again friendship for the past 24 years. She's one of those quirky people, that I've always admired. I always thought it was geeks like us vs. the rest of the world. And I always thought that every time she strayed away from me, she'd come back. The longest was a 3 year period, during which time, she moved in with a guy, got pregnant, broke up with the guy, moved back home, and had a son.

A mutual friend from high school brought us back together. After that, we became very tight. We'd bitch and moan to each other about mothers, kids, husbands. Oh, by the way, Mo snagged another guy, a real nice one, and got married. I was her matron of honor.

Then my "issues" kept creeping up. I've been through 6 years of non-stop "challenges"since about the year 2000. Mo's had her own issues, but sorry, they pale in comparision. After-all, the biggest problem she has with her son is lying. The biggest problem I've had with my kids have involved hospitalizations and chronic illness. Still, I listened and was always there for her.

Now I'm coming to the sad conclusion that this person that I've called one of my best friends for the last 24 years is not really my friend. A friend supports you when you're down. A friend accepts you for who you are. Mo's done neither, particularly in the past year. So, I feel it's time to bury the friendship, mourn, and move on.

You have no idea how hard that is for me to do.

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