Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What About Socialization?

If you're a fellow homeschooling parent, I'm sure you've gotten the question, "What about their socialization?" You could be standing in the middle of a party while your offspring are running around organizing a game of capture the flag, and they'll still say it! You could be at scouts, or music lessons, and you still get it!

So here are 10 answers to that inevitable question:

1. Socila-what? What are you talking about?

2. Well I am having a lot of trouble with shooting the spitballs, but we've got the noogies down.

3. Jesus and the Saints are all the socialization my kids need; the Lord said so.

4. Funny you should ask, my husband and I each took one kid and formed our own little cliques the other day! He's got "jocks"; I've got "goths".

5. Yes, I am very worried. Could you please have your little Joey come over and explain to my kids why Crazy Bones are so important to be buying all the time. My kids keep wasting their money on things like guitars, and recording equipment!

6. Now that you mention it, my son was saying how hard it is to get your son to play with him, what with all the school, the bus rides, homework...

7. Hey did I tell you my 15 year old was just picked to be a student assistant at his music school because his leadership skills exceeded those of the 16-18 year olds?

8. It's no problem, we got that new book, "Socialization for Dummies". Want to borrow it when we're done?

9. I put an ad up at the library to find other 11 year old kids to come to my house once a week and sit in chairs for an hour, and then I let them talk for 5 minutes.

10. They're not in homeschool to socialize! Oh, wait a minute, silly me! That's "You're not in school to socialize!"

Do you spend every day like this in the real world?