Monday, May 7, 2007

Those Sexy Clothes

My husband thinks everything is sexy on me. Almost every day, he asks why I am wearing my "sexy" underwear, when he's going off to work.
I look down and say, "Why are these my sexy underwear?"

"Because they're red"

or "pink",or "black",
or "have hearts on them",
or "lace",
or "cherries",
or "stripes....."

One time my husband saw me at work at "Big Box Mart". I was bending over the counter scanning something at the cash register. Now he won't stop talking about me in my tan shorts and red vest.

Every day, my husband talks about how my ass looks in "those jeans"
or "those shorts"
or "those capris"

I wear nightgowns to bed, the "granny" type, and he thinks they're sexy "because they have buttons at the top." (so they can be unbuttoned and he can play with my breast)

All my shirts apparently "accentuate my shoulders"
or "breasts"
or "back"

If I actually wear something that most guys think is sexy, say a little black dress and heels, I'll be wearing his hands on my ass half the night too.

Honestly, some day I'm actually going to get a burlap sac to see if he says that's sexy!