Thursday, May 24, 2007

One Fish Two Fish, Creek Fish, New Fish

AJ: Mom, I got a fish from the creek.

Mom: Put it back it'll die.

AJ: I've had it in a bowl for 3 days; it won't die.

Mom: Well it's gonna die; put the poor thing back

10 months later

AJ: Mom, I gotta 'nother fish.

Mom: From where?

AJ: From Mikey; he got 10 for a dollar.

Mom: Well don't put it in the same bowl as the other fish; they'll fight

AJ: I put them both in the big aquarium (the 10 gallon one in the laundry room that once held ever multiplying gerbils)

Mom: Why'd you put them in there? You have to have a filter in that big aquarium. You can't keep dumping the water out and re-filling it. They'll be dead in 2 days
2 days later

Issac the creek fish and Marvin the goldfish are happily swimming around in a 10 gallon aquarium, that we'd better go get a filter for.