Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Are the Women Doing the Laundry or the Men?

You know that nostalgic Clorox commerical with the women all doing the laundry? The laundry room changes through the decades as they show great-grandma, then the grandmother, then the mother doing the laundry.

Last night while DH and I were in bed this commercial came on.

"They all did the laundry....maybe even a man or two."

DH: Did they say "a man or two."

Me: Yes, "maybe even a man or two."

DH: "They couldn't have said that!"

Me: "That's exactly what they said."

DH: "The moms *did* a man or two?!"

Me: "You perve! They meant maybe a man or two did the laundry, aside from all those women who had to do it!" "They weren't talking about the women doing a man or two!"

DH: "Well I don't see how that statement could be taken any other way."

Me: (Turning over and rolling eyes in the dark), "That's how your mind works."


rosemerry said...

I'm going to listen to that commercial to see if it really says that.

Pzt said...

But that's exactly what they say...that's how it works - grammatically!

Anonymous said...

That is EXACTLY what they said. That is how I got to your blog. I wondered if I was the only one who realized what they said.

Briana the Magnifi-can't said...

Told you so.

They all did the laundry - maybe even a man or two.

(Am I still pzt, or did I change it?)

Anonymous said...

I just resent the fact that they say women always do the laundry cuz nobody has done my laundry since I was 14!