Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm a SAHM-a term I use only for simplicity's sake.

I'm a career SAHM. That's stay-at-home mom for those of you who missed the acronym born during the height of the mommy wars. Basically, with no college education, or training, and 4 kids to raise, it never really made sense for me to work full time outside the home. There were some spurts during the last 21 years that I have worked full time-at a daycare with my youngest in tow, at a home improvement store the ONE year all 4 of my kids were in school full time, but for the most part it's been full time homemaker, and a few part time retail or babysitting jobs.

Anyway, I find the term SAHM quite ironic with all the places we must go as mothers-the grocery store, the errands, sports, dance, and other various activities. SAHM sounds like I'm in time-out or something. And what a passive them that is. "What do you do?" "Why, I stay home..." Forget all those years of hands on care when the kids were little-you know, the kind of care people pay others for when they go to work.