Thursday, October 30, 2008

Indian Prefolds

Sometimes less is more. After all my extensive searching to find the cutest, most technologically advanced nappies to cover Kayden's bum, what do I end up using the most-Indian prefolds, which cost roughly $1.50 a piece. Actually, these little beauties didn't cost me anything. Gotta love Freecycle!

I don't know if it's the lovely unbleached natural color, of the fluffy softness of these prefolds, but I just feel so good wrapping them around my grandson. I just squish, wrap, and Snappi. Forget the fancy folds; between the kicking legs and the spontaneous pee showers, that thing's got to get on there as fast as possible! Cover it up with a Dappi, or Prorap, and we're done.

There's just something about washing your baby's diapers, and hanging them on the line, that just can't be captured in throwing the diapers in the trashcan. Sigh, maybe it's just the sentimental side of me, and my fondness for good old fashioned notions.