Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Petition to God

This is a very important petition to God. If you're a Christian (heck, even if you're not), please add your name, and pass it on to everyone you know. Billions of souls could be saved!

Dear God,
I know you have a big plan that you must have spent a long time working on. I know your plan is to let all those who accept your son Jesus as their savior go to heaven-a beautiful place where everyone is always happy. And I know you send everyone else to hell, a place of eternal torment. But I have to ask you, God, is this really fair?
God, I have friends and relatives that aren't Christian. I told them all about your son, and heaven and hell, but they tell me, they just don't believe. It's not that they didn't try, Lord, they just can't believe. Some of these people believe in other gods, or other methods of salvation, and some don't believe in any gods or religion at all. A lot of these people are very good people. They work hard, pay their taxes, take care of their spouses and families, and are kind to their fellow man.
God, you must realize that these people you created are just human beings. You gave them free will, so shouldn't they be able to decide who they want to worship, or if they want to worship at all? Why would you give them a choice, and then punish them if they don't choose the way you want them to? Why would you reward people just for accepting you and your son, regardless of everything else they did in their lives? Why, I can just imagine how many jerks are in heaven right now, because they repented on their death beds!
I know you can do anything, Lord, so this is what this petition is all about. I want you to let all the good people into heaven. Yes, I know no one is actually "good enough" to bask in your almighty presence, but you know a lot of people have pure hearts, and do their best. I actually don't want you to send anyone to hell, but maybe you could send all the bad people to some less torturous, but unpleasant place, such as the waiting room at the DMV. I believe this would be far more fair and productive than your current plan.
Your child-Lori-Ann K. of Philadelphia
PS Please don't smite me!